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WO-2017222112-A1: Method for providing diet through biometric tracking patent, WO-2017119655-A1: Washing machine and home appliance patent, WO-2010090429-A2: Method for manufacturing an optical filter for a stereoscopic image display device patent, WO-2011118956-A2: Method and device for applying adaptive link in communication system patent, WO-2012118259-A1: System and method for providing an image-based video-related service patent, WO-2014003320-A1: Multi-path variable matching circuit and multi-path variable matching method using same patent, WO-2011037303-A1: Pcb layout structure for chip antenna and chip antenna device using the same patent, WO-2012161432-A2: System and method for supporting an integrated dental process patent, WO-2013022167-A1: Method for providing a cs fallback service for load distribution, and base station device and mobile terminal for the method patent, WO-2014014174-A1: Fuel supplying apparatus and system for direct carbon fuel cell patent, WO-2015041497-A1: Continuously variable transmission-type acceleration apparatus patent, WO-2011099750-A3: Nanowire alignment method using a three-dimensional structure, three-dimensional framework for nanowire alignment, manufacturing method for a three-dimensional framework for nanowire alignment, and transfer printing method for an aligned nanowire patent, WO-2012148104-A3: Silver coating pigment, and method for producing same patent, WO-2013043020-A2: System and method for photographing moving subject by means of multiple cameras, and acquiring actual movement trajectory of subject based on photographed images patent, WO-2013180351-A1: Separator, method for preparing separator, and apparatus for preparing separator patent, WO-2014021632-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data patent, WO-2015064826-A1: Bale tongs patent, WO-2015199378-A1: Poly-γ-glutamic acid derivative, and preparation containing same patent, WO-2016186481-A1: Cooling fan using surface cooling effect for rotating fan blade part patent, WO-2010117186-A3: Window panel integrated resistive touch sensor patent, WO-2014021695-A3: Measurement report method in wireless communication system and apparatus for supporting same patent, WO-2016186461-A1: Valve embedded actuator patent, WO-9939961-A1: Trolley for a golf bag patent, WO-2015143522-A1: Cattle guiding equipment in pre-slaughter corridors patent, WO-2017193184-A1: Set of supports with a system for mounting, levelling and installing glass panes and mirrors patent, WO-2012109721-A1: Apparatus for disinfecting and sanitising brushes patent, GB-190824021-A: Improvements in or relating to Tin or other suitable Boxes, Canisters or Receptacles for Liquids, Semi-liquids, Pastes, Powders and the like. patent, WO-2013039421-A1: Method for protecting a power supply network against short circuit currents in the circuit of an electrified vehicle patent, WO-2017105276-A1: Method of ultrasonic welding of single-strand and stranded wires made from non-ferrous metals patent, WO-2013073996-A1: Herbicidal composition and method for weed control in crops patent, WO-2017086841-A1: Method for acting on augmented reality virtual objects patent, WO-9933074-A3: Switch gear station patent, WO-0015964-A1: Pneumatic or hydraulic operating device patent, WO-2017088489-A1: Data message transmission method and system, and communication system patent, WO-2017107466-A1: Manufacturing process for lace bras patent, WO-2017128149-A1: Method for pushing information when recording traveling cost and cost calculation system patent, WO-2017206329-A1: Combined pendulum test bench patent, WO-2009127119-A1: Detergent for removing plasma etching residues patent, WO-2012106902-A1: Queue management method, apparatus and system patent, WO-2014107993-A1: Channel allocation and acquisition method and device patent, WO-2015131700-A1: File storage method and device patent, WO-2017156926-A1: Device and method for increasing standby efficiency of handheld apparatus patent, WO-2012155759-A1: Carrier aggregation configuration method and device patent, WO-2014000385-A1: Method and terminal for searching for information of target contact person by voice patent, WO-2015032042-A1: Adjustable shelf structure patent, WO-2016070836-A1: Led straight tube lamp with support structure patent, WO-2012083572-A1: Flocking swab for biological sampling quantitatively and method for making the same patent, WO-2012100700-A1: Method and device for implementing many display modes for general icon patent, WO-2012155744-A1: Method and apparatus for displaying search results in map patent, WO-2012171149-A1: Polysilicon reducing furnace patent, WO-2016090976-A1: Mobile terminal and resource management method thereof patent, WO-2016101371-A1: Backlight module and display patent, WO-2016119091-A1: Outdoor laser light patent, WO-2017049752-A1: Sted super-resolution microscope based on a first-order bessel beam, and adjusting method patent, WO-2017067286-A1: Method and device for updating fingerprint template and terminal patent, WO-2017092452-A1: Method for starting application according to location information about mobile device, and mobile device patent, WO-2012100420-A1: Control device and method for air system of diesel engine patent, WO-2012113353-A1: Radio frequency module, device and method for receiving and sending radio frequency signal, and base station system patent, WO-2014172931-A1: Carbon nanotube-based x-ray tube and movable ct scanner patent, WO-2015103807-A1: Spinning machine patent, WO-2016015430-A1: Automobile interior rearview mirror device with speed measuring radar and replaceable bracket patent, WO-2016150113-A1: Positive displacement motor drill and rock breaking well drilling method therefor patent, WO-2017080428-A1: Streaming media channel recording, reviewing method, device, server and storage medium patent, WO-2017166734-A1: Method, apparatus, and terminal equipment for content selection patent, WO-2016187743-A1: Foldable refrigerator shelf and refrigerator patent, WO-2017059611-A1: Microwave oven patent, WO-2012034490-A1: Fire extinguishing composition producing fire extinguishing substance by high temperature sublimation patent, WO-2013040859-A1: Nano multilayer film, field effect tube, sensor, random accessory memory and preparation method patent, WO-2015032254-A1: Recording method and apparatus, and terminal patent, WO-2015143899-A1: Fuming sulfuric acid dedicated railway transportation tank car patent, WO-2017054381-A1: Array substrate, manufacturing method, and corresponding display panel and electronic device patent, WO-2017152366-A1: Speed monitoring system with photoelectric counting for wind power generator patent, WO-2017132786-A1: Automatic umbrella patent, WO-2013053159-A1: Method and device for tracking vehicle patent, WO-2012087090-A1: Composición estable de agentes reductores de colesterol, antihipertensivos y antiagregantes plaquetarios patent, WO-2016113437-A1: Sistema de detección de cartucho en recámara para armas de fuego patent, WO-2012104454-A1: Instalación para simular las condiciones de presión y temperatura del aire aspirado por un motor de combustión interna alternativo patent, WO-2004017791-A1: Porta hamacas portátil plegable patent, WO-2010049558-A1: Cadena para nieve patent, WO-9732516-A1: Sistema de control, aviso y rescate a distancia de pacientes propensos a sufrir infartos de miocardio patent, WO-2004101896-A1: Dique modular para protección de costas patent, WO-2014178700-A1: Toallas sanitarias femeninas e incontinencia urinaria, gasas/vendoletes y apositos quirúrgicos para tratamiento de heridas a base de turmalina patent, WO-2014096485-A1: Composicion farmaceutica oral para farmacos de elevada posologia patent, WO-2013021088-A2: Métodos y productos para el diagnóstico in vitro, pronóstico in vitro y desarrollo de fármacos contra carcinomas invasivos patent, WO-9533635-A1: Dispositivo de limpieza para espejos retrovisores y similares patent, WO-2010020700-A1: Testigo de posición de impacto tpi patent, WO-2008002119-A1: Separador de tallo de fresas patent, WO-2013014631-A2: Sistema para la generación y distribución de energía a partir de materiales piezoeléctricos patent, WO-9828176-A1: Rodadura monoeje con ruedas independientes desplazables para vagones articulados de transporte de automoviles patent, WO-2010084214-A1: Instalación para el suministro de hidrocarburos patent, WO-2011107633-A1: Equipo oceanográfico para la recogida de muestras de plancton aplicable a rosetas oceanográficas patent, WO-9859392-A1: Water tight connecting terminal for a coated over head cable patent, WO-2014146979-A1: Élément de montage fixable sans outil patent, WO-2005083382-B1: Essais d'etancheite de systemes clos a l'aide de colorants fluorescents patent, WO-2009012893-A8: Élément de sécurité patent, WO-2011042015-A4: Installation de divertissement pour catapultage vers le haut et/ou chute libre patent, WO-2012136229-A4: Corps chauffant à éléments patent, WO-2012146606-A8: Dispositif de fabrication de filtres de l'industrie de transformation du tabac patent, WO-2017162742-A3: Procédé de transmission par division de télégrammes pour des réseaux bidirectionnels patent, WO-2018011168-A1: Contrôle de la présence de linge potentiellement indésirable patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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